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Preparing to present the final evening of the Second Round, we join the insightful and engaging Petroc Trelawny in his dressing room, as he recounts what it means to him to be involved in the Leeds International Piano Competition. Known for his work on the classical music magazine programmes Music Matters and In Tune, on BBC Radio 3 and for interviewing the greatest conductors and musicians of our time, Petroc has been presenting The Leeds for the past 18 years. He shares his admiration for the competition and how he has seen it develop:

“The Leeds has a great track record of producing absolutely amazing winners if you think of people like Radu Lupu, Murray Perahia and a huge number of excellent pianists who were finalists. It has achieved something remarkable as one of the leading global competitions in remaining consistently important as a piano competition. What’s happening now as it reinvents itself in a new era is really exciting.”

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He pins this down to how The Leeds is a friendly competition that puts the young pianists at ease and makes them confident so that they can give their very best performance. It is not about competitors pumping on the pressure but “creating an environment in which a pianist can shine”.  

When asked about this year’s competitors Petroc sees himself at a fine dining table. Normally at a piano recital, you are served one or maybe two courses. Here, you are treated to a “gourmet tasting menu of fantastic performances”.
He explains how we are inspired and transported somewhere else through the magical moments that have been taking place over the last few days. He can forget that he is presenting a live television programme and be completely absorbed in the music.

Petroc explains how it is right that we should share these moments. As The Leeds is broadcast across the globe for the first time he points out how remarkable it is to be able follow note by note coverage of the competition, including the preliminary rounds. More poignantly he adds: “We have a duty to share the extraordinary skills of these pianists and make the Leeds available to the world!”

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